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Hello fellow TCCoA members:

The fordbastards crew will be hosting the 3rd Annual Fordbastards Track Day.
The dates are: May 19 & 20th, 2007.

Location: Texas World Speedway in College Station, Texas.

Cost: $225 for the track: First 20 payers will get a free paddock.
Includes: 5 20 minute sesssions on Saturday and 5 20 minute sessions on Sunday.

Here is our group pic from last year:

check in to for more info.

Last years turn out we had 23 fordbastards there.

updated list of attending.

Mike D.-2007 SHOZilla
Don - pit crew- 92 SHO
Mike Vaughn-Probe
Gary-97 Cobra "Lil' Smokey"
Murph- 94 Probe
Tony- 89 SHO
Russ-91 SHO
Sergio-89 SHO
Martin-92 SHO
Scott-91 SHO
Kirk- Chevy Diesel Truck "gonna black stripe TWS!"
Wilson-91 SHO 100% Attending!
Todd-03 Marauder
MikeH-pit crew- 04 Marauder
Rudy-93 Taurus... something!
Cody- pit crew 00 ZX2
Mad Mike-91 SHO
Jonathan-91 SHO
Tim- Turbo SHO or Walmart Shopping Cart
Luke-99 SVT Contour
Josh-91 SHO
Paul - 91 SHO "I'm faster than my brother"
Jay-92 SHO "I'm faster than my brother"
Mark-'00 Vulcantoaster
Gary- 03 G35
RobertK- 89 SuperCoupe

:zbounce: :ztoohot: :znanner:
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