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4.6 cougar pings at wot 3.5k - 5.5k egr solenoid vac lines

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I installed a gt air intake recently and replaced a valvecover gasket.. in the process i broke the vaccum lines that run off the fpr and egr. i rerouted the lines to the tb so the fpr and egr has vacuum but now engine is pinging at wot high rpms.
A friend told me that the egr solenoid wouldnt cause pinging. but besides the air intake it was the only thing that changed.. tried 2 different maf sensors too and cleaned both..
Does anyone know how important the egr assembly solenoid/2 vac lines that run off it is and if it could cause my issue? Only other thing i can think of is more air making it ping because of the k&n intake. Reset pcm still pings even unplugging egr solenoid
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If it's collapsing under vacuum, its the wrong kind of hose.That sounds like heater hose.
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