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Does anyone know what size socket or wrench fits the stud or nut that holds the negative battery cable to the side of the 4.6 liter engine block on a 1997 Thunderbird?

About a month or so ago, I picked-up a new negative battery cable from the Ford dealer where I always buy my parts and made a half-hearted attempt, about a week later, to put it on the vehicle. However, after I realized it was nearly impossible to get my hands on it, let alone a socket and ratchet (or wrench), I gave up and decided to let a garage change it for me.

However, I have since decided (after receiving an estimate of nearly $300 for a Ford dealer to do it!) to go ahead and do it myself - especially since I am currently laid-off from my job! I figure if I move the power steering pump and reservoir, and maybe drain the engine oil and remove the oil filter, I should be able to get at the stud where the cable attaches to the block.

Anyone know what size socket or wrench I'll need to remove it? I may have to use a tool by feel only, since I may not be able to see it working from inside the engine compartment, as opposed to below the car.


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