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I read many discussions here on misfires. I just resolved a misfire that was occurring on my 95 Bird since August. My car has about 125k miles. The plugs and wires were replaced at about 84k.

I replaced both coils and most of the misfire went away but there were still a few at times. I replaced the plugs and it got better. However, it was still misfiring when it was cold and at 45-60mph in high gear. Once it totally warmed up, about 10 minutes of driving it would not misfire.

I finally checked all of the wires with my digital meter. All wires except for #2 cylinder were under 8k ohms. I replaced the #2 plug wire and the misfire is gone. When I took the old wire apart, it appeared the connection of the wire to the plug end connecter had shorted out. It must have been arcing from the wire to the connector to get spark at all.

So, if you have a misfire and have a multi meter, check your plug wires. It really is easy to do. Here's the acceptable values.

Wire length Ohms
0-15 in 3k-10k
15-25 4k-15k
25-35 6k-20k
>35 < 25k

Hope this helps someone.
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