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prices OBO plus shipping paypal add 3%
2 pi intakes aluminum crossovers on both, nothing wrong with either. one on car, one on the shelf in garage. $100/each
C&L upper elbow $75
stock Tbird elbow $25
stock mustang elbow i tried to clean this up a little and polish it, its not great but its not bad. $15
2 sets of 8 19# injectors $40 /each set
about 12 30# injectors $60 all
a complete injector rebuild kit for 8 injectors $40
Aeromotive FPR pn 13102 $75
90mm LMAF $100
90mm adapter $25
S&B Bigmouth filter $25
gt intake tube from maf to tb $40
stock tbird throttle body $15

Also misc driveline stuff.
stock driveshaft -- best offer
DirtyDog trans fully built to jmod specs -- $1000
Lentech valve body w/ transbrake -- $500
CircleD rebuilt PI converter 3900rpm stall -- $800
pi cams
good set of npi heads
'96 front cover
89-90ish black cloth SC seats f&r. $200
i have some grey plastic interior stuff too, most of it to convert to a complete grey interior including rear deck carpet with belt covers, belts, 3rd brake cover.
black rear deck carpet w/ belt covers and brake light cover

Most of this will be coming out of the car between now and the end of the year, keep an eye on this forum and I'll post the stuff as it becomes avalible. if you want it just let me know and i can pull it sooner.

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for the intake i can use the bolts i have right now? and i just need the gaskets? everything else bolts right back up?

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Ill take the c&l plenum If you will take 60 shipped.
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