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40 series flomasters

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HEY! can someone give me any info about 40 series flomasters. they are 2 chamber, right? are they much better than 50 series? how much have some of you got them for? are they pretty expensive?
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the 40 series will be a little louder than the 50, but it may not flow quite as well (not a big difference though). but if you get the Delta Flow 40 series (a little more expensive) it supposedly isnt as loud until WOT, doesnt have as much interior resonance, and supposedly flows much better than the Original 40 series. I was tricked by the guy at Jegs who told me the one i was buying was an Original series. Well i figured out it was not and wasnt happy at first. but then the muffler broke in. i was definitely happy with it then. and the my opinion is, the louder the better. so while the original series may be a little louder, the Delta Flows are also a great muffler. if i were you, i'd go with a 40 series Delta Flow.

Original 40 series $59.99
Delta Flow 40 series $72.99 <--------- Go with this one
50 series $79.99 i believe
I've got the 40 series Delta Flows. After they broke in, they are pretty loud... but not all that loud inside the car. Check out the clip...
is that a v-6 or a v8 in there??? sounds the SH!T!!!!!....what did you do to your exhaust??? I NEED to know.
i got the new delta flowmasters the 40 series and i got em for like 60-65 each
and they sounded good but now that i got true duals with x pipe its sounds a lot better
i love it
check my site
Check his sig man. 91 v8 cougars had the 302. Modular Cougars woun't sound quite like that.

Sounds good man,

fastsc92 said:
is that a v-6 or a v8 in there??? sounds the SH!T!!!!!....what did you do to your exhaust??? I NEED to know.
about that clip...

Maybe it's just my sound card, but it sounds sweet from the 14-16 second mark, but after that (I'm guessing it's about 2.5-3k rpm) there is this loud grinding sound-sounds kinda like an 8 cylander ricer (though I'm not suggesting it is! I know I'm gonna hear sh!t for that one). I mean, like i said, it's probably just my system, but other than those hard stomps, it sounds mean.

Custom true dual exhaust, no H-pipe, no resonator, 2 front cats remaining only, with Flowmaster 40 series Delta-Flows.

It sounds MEAN in person.. I heard it fly down the road winding out 2nd gear... sounded pretty good to me... now, my friend Dan's Mustang.. on the other hand...


Rage Racing page -
a 4.6 will have a very noticably different sound.. it will be more throaty... I can make up a word.. I think it sounds "Valvey" just my discription.. like a 2001 GT with broken in Flows... I love the sound of a DOHC w/ flowmaster's... ughhh gotta go change my pants =) j/k or go to one if you have one near you.... 59.99 Flowmaster 40 Series DeltaFlow... i bought mine there. -greg
40 Series

I just bought 2 40 series and 2 chrome turn down tips at the end of July. I had the muffler shop where I bought them install everything and the whole package set me back right at $250. They said for another $35 they can remove the resonator and replace it with a pipe to make it louder. I have been very happy with mine so far. They are much louder than stock, although there is a significant interior resonance that sometimes creates overtones in my soundsystem. I think it looks pretty cool with the tips sticking out under the bumper cover, though. Hope something in this thing was useful to you.
well thanx guys,

and i guess i will look at some 40 series delta flows. thanx alot.

but WILL they sound good on a modular motor?? well they will of course sound good, but is there anything that sounds better on a modular?

will the one that sounds the best let the air flow better too? thanx again
The Delta Flows are 2 chamber.. the regular 40 series are only one. You'll get better airflow with the regs, but it won't be that much that you'll notice. I didn't want alot of interior noise, so thats why I went with the Delta Flows.
Sometimes, the 40 series can tend to be too much internal drone @ freeway speeds.
I've got true duals on my 94' 3.8 n/a with just the first 2 cats, no res. and glass pack's in the back with chrome tips... I love how loud it is, and highway doesn't bother me in any way shape or form... i don't see how it bothers anyone else since I thought glasspack's were pretty much the loudest thing you could put up in there besides straight pipes...
Spike, gotta clip?

my 4.6 has true duals with 40 series flowmasters

the third cat is gone and a x-pipe replaced it. Very similar to the custom exhaust photos in the photo gallery. I love the sound and I believe it allowed the engine to rev alittle faster and it feels alittle quicker, but best of all it sounds great. I was talking to a guy tonight that has a 94 crown vic (ex-cop car) and he had glasspacks and we compared the sounds of both cars and we both liked the sound of the flowmasters better. Good luck I don't think you will be sorry if you go with them.
nope sorry i don't have a clip... maybe someday lol

a regular 40 series is 2 chamber or 3 chamber. delta flows are 3 chamber designs with some extra baffling inside to quiet them down even more. single chambers are race mufflers and would be practically impossible to live with on the street.
thoughts on this

what about 80 series? are they much better than 40 series??

or are they for something with some REAL power?

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