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I used this separator plate for 4 years. It is a modified BC Automotive separator plate, which is somewhat similar to performing the J-Mod on your existing separator plate. This plate will fit 4R70E/W and 4R75E/W transmissions. However, it does not have the holes drilled for the third reinforcement plate, since it was originally designed for a 2001+ transmission that only has two reinforcement plates.

I have used this separator plate WITH and WITH-OUT the lower 1-2 and lower 2-3 accumulator springs.

Your transmission will shift quicker and firmer with just the plate alone, but when you remove the springs, it shifts much firmer - my car was able to chirp the tires on occasion with this plate and no lower springs installed.

I am asking $100.00 SHIPPED for this separator plate. There is a slight dimple where the 2-3 accumulator cap sits, but nothing significant, and definitely no cracks!

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