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Hello this is my first post here as I don't have a T-Bird, Cougar, or Mark VII but I do have a 1966 Bronco with a 1995 5.8L, 1998 Explorer 4R70W controlled by a 1995 W4HO EEC-IV.... The brakes are all 1979 Lincoln, does that count?

What I am trying to do is wire up an OD button. I have added a Mid-nineties truck OD button assembly to the End of the transmission column shifter but I am not confident in my solution.

My Plan:
Wire the momentary switch to apply +12V power to pin 41 (circuit 224) (toggles OD on/off)
Wire the LED lamp to Pin 32 (circuit 911) I can't tell if this is +or - and the voltage. (Indicates the OD status and error codes for transmission)

Does this sound right?

Also, can anyone confirm the Part Number for the EEC-IV terminals? I believe I have them right…. I am having a hard time finding new terminals!
E7EB-14488-GA for 18 ga. wire
E7EB-14488-NA for 14 ga. wire

Thanks, Tony
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