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I'm a member at Fox T-Bird/Cougar Forums, and i put a 91 thunderbird HO 5.0 in my 83 cougar, cpu and all...... right now it's running like it's skipping/looping and my fuel guage isn't working (i had to splice it, so it hasn't started working yet).... anyway, i had the codes read and it gives me a 552 (secondary air bypass solenoid circuit malfunction) and a 543 (fuel pump secondary circuit open pcm/fuel pump ground)...... now i had to splice the eec harness to my cougar's body harness and go from an eec iii to an eec iv, so i may have missed a ground somewhere, but i was hoping someone here might know what the code 552 is for and if the secondary fuel pump circuit is the sending unit for the fuel guage... thanks for any help you can give
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