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So I need some stuff for a 1977 Ford F-350 Ranger XLT Camper Special:

Complete front sheet metal: hood, fenders, bumper.

Radiator support (need one for the heavy duty rad, if that matters. I do not need the radiator itself).


Front sway bar and end links 1 1/16" Camper Special, not the smaller one.

^-- That stuff is absolutely essential to getting it back on the road.

Other stuff that would rule but is not essential:

Decent set of 460 headers, new HVAC control deck (must have AC and dual-tank selector switch), D0VE-C heads, Holley square-bore intake, good Duraspark-II distributor, basically applicable underhood parts for a '77 F-350 with 460.

This is a truck I'm doing for my aunt (the truck I learned to drive and parallel park in), and I kind of bet a friend of mine that I could have it back on the road and painted before he even finished the motor swap in his '78 3/4 ton Chevy (that he's had apart for months...) So that said, I've got plenty of good green stuff to spend on (reasonably priced) parts. Of the stuff I listed up there, the sway bar is going to be the hardest to find and thus, the piece I need the most. Like I said, the Camper Special uses a bigger-than-normal bar in the front, and surprise, the one we have is bent. The truck got hit in the driver's side front fender, just an inch ahead of the front wheel (that was too close... literally an inch separated it from completely totaled and repairable.)

So if anyone has any leads, or has a friend that has any leads, or anything like that, just feel free to spread my parts email address (go_racing84 (at) to whomever might help me. I decided not to post this in the Wanted section, since it's not Tbird stuff. If anyone knows of some good Ford truck parts sources, namely forums for swapping parts, or just a good dealer/recycler in the Pacific northwest, that'd be great.

Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to help.

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Check out a forum, you might be able to pick up some parts there. I think that's the site, if not i can find it somehow.

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