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I have a pair of TYC headlight assemblies with just a couple of months use on them. I bought them from the Headlight Warehouse after I got tired of constantly trying to keep the original lenses from hazing over.

These assemblies now go for $92.30 each at the Headlight Warehouse, but I paid a little less about a year & a half ago. I no longer have the Cougar, so the assemblies are for sale at the unheard of and very cheap price of $50 for the pair + actual shipping from 50310 (Iowa). I'll even throw in a pair of used corner lights and misc hardware.

One thing however - these lenses are not a perfect fit. They will mount up just fine, but they stick out probably 1/2" further than the Original Equipment part. I wouldn't put them on a show car, but for a daily driver they are a great improvement over your hazed over 20 year old lenses.

P/N 20-3397-00 & 20-3398-00. These assemblies will also fit 92-94 Grand Marquis.

Send me a PM if you are interested.

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