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Along with the rest of us I've invested about 17 years into semi-futile Headlite Mods of our POS Sylvania Units - Relay Mod, Reflector Mod, 9011 HIR Mod, HID Mod, yadda, yadda... STILL not happy with 9005 55W HID Low Beams in this Thread:

- SO>>> I'm converting Parking Lite Housing to a Headlite (not sure if it will end up Hi or Low yet) then will put Turn Sig / Parking Lite in old Low Beam Location as my latest attempt - I've not seen it tried before so it MAY even be a totally "NEW" 93-96 MKVIII HEADLIGHT MOD - Sylvania shoulda done something similar because God knows they never fixed our Housings - Just getting started on my old "mule" set of Lenses before I whack up a good set - I'll probably go with 9005 35 Watt HID's in the smaller old Parking Lite space but mocking it up with an old POS 9005 Halogen Bulb:

LOVE to source an HID Projector that would tuck into that big hole in Lo Beam Housing but yet to source one that will surely fit - Height 2.5 Inches MAX & not an excess of Depth to play with behind Lo Beam Headlight Housing to Battery space in a MK.


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