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I’m back in the game. My love for MN 12’s started in the late 90’s when I bought a white 89 Cougar. It was a great car but was a bit Grandpa with spoked wire wheels and blue velour interior. I loved the car but I knew I wanted a V8. I traded it in 2001 for a black 93 5.0 Tbird. I loved that car. Drove it for years sold it to a friend, bought it back and drove it until she was too tired to go on at 225k miles.
I just found and bought a white 93 5.0 Tbird with 59k miles and full black leather interior. She is all original. I’m excited to be back in the club. I’m going to start simple…
1. Exhaust (Flowmaster 2 chamber cat back) so she sounds right outside
2. Adding an amp and sub to the aftermarket stereo she has so she sounds right inside.
3. 17 inch torque thrust rims and BF Goodrich White Letter tires
4. Suspension and Brakes so she stops straight and reduces body roll. Front and rear swaybars and a lowering kit
5. 373 Gears and a track lock
If I am out of order or missing something please steer me straight.

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Looks like a good plan. Most guys start with the suspension because its all old nowdays. But seems like you are on the right track. Welcome back! Congrats on the new car. Post up some pics.
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