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'93 Thunderbird needs some Umph!

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Can anyone give me a list of things I could do to my engine to give it a little more umph? I don't want to supercharge, turbo charge, or is n2o. I do however, want to be in the 14's in the quarter mile.

Also, does anyone know of any good body kits for the car that aren't gaudy? Or at least ground effects like the SC model has?

Thanks in advance!
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The razzi kit is pretty nice. i have one on my car and they fit perfectly.
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Sell it and get an SC!!!!! No.......just kiddin. For the money and sice you don't have anything else done SPRAY it. You don't need a big shot just a 125 should do. OR build the motor up and slap a FOGGER Kit on it and you can go sub 14's......real sub.
Like I said, I don't want n2o (Nitrous Oxide), and no supercharger/turbo-charger.

All-engine, maybe ram-air.
if u want a 14 sec quarter mile. hummmmm get a
kn filter with a ram air setup
ud pullys
port and polish
and so every thing runs smooth get a aftermarket chip
if u want u can get a msd box or at least a coil but the above mods should do it
but if u want a simpler way eather get a new intake manifold for a 30 to 40 hp increase OR GET HEADS.
I was trying to stay cheep for you. I have a friend with a 91 5.0 Bird. He has a fare amount of work done to the motor and 3.73 gears. He just barely breaks into the 14's. So unless you want to open the motor up = big money! you'll be struggling for all the 1/10's you can get. Your climate plays a big factor too, we live in Dayton Beach. HOT and HUMID don't make for fast times. Our "winter" if you can call it that is our best time to run because we can get 60 degree or lower (sometimes) temps, w/ low humidity. So for you a E303 cam, Trick Flow upper and lower, Port & polished heads, shave the heads some to boost comp. ratio, but build up the bottom to hold the higher pres. Swap the rear for a posi unit and drop in some 4.11:1 gears, and you'll be in 14's.
Here we go...

Get a bigger TB 65 or 70mm
Get a highflow MAF.
Get a better Intake manifold. I hear that Trickflow makes a mean one.
Get a True dual exaust with high-flow cats.
Get some 3.72 gears.
And a Chip from Dennis Reinhardt.
PI Heads might be good too...

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If you want to run 14s with out a supercharger or turbo, you can always do like I am:<br><center>
<img src="">
<br> 392 Stroker<br></center>
Complete Engine surpentine water pump. 392 cubic inch. 430 [email protected] RPM (with
headers and a 750 cfm Holly carburetor not included). 450 ft./lbs. of torque @
4000 RPM 9.7:1 compression ratio (Nominal). Ford Racing aluminum GT-40 cylinder
heads M-6049-X303 and GT-40 valve train. Ford Racing high performance
hydraulic roller lifter camshaft and roller rocker arms. Single plane "Victor Jr."
intake manifold M-9424-V351.
Once installed, you could detune it and use only partial throttle to keep from going below 14s :) <br><center>
<img src=""><br>
You would need a cowl hood to clear the taller engine.
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Uhh that's $6000 :p My car isn't even worth that much :/

Maybe you could wreck your car, and I could find it at a junk yard and be like.... "I want that engine, it looks stock to me, $500?" :D
riced2max said:
Uhh that's $6000 :p My car isn't even worth that much :/
I was at the point of getting a new sporty performance car, but with some room in it. After seeing there was not much to choose from, I decided instead of spending $25,000 and up for a cookie cutter car, I would put $10,000 into my very clean Bird. When done, it will be a car that runs Great, looks sharp, and has room for 4 full size adults very comfortably. I will insure it at its real value instead of book price when done.

One of the locals has already said he wants to buy my GT40 heads that came on the engine, so I will most likely put the AFR 185 heads on it this Winter. The AFR heads on this engine is a killer combination. <a href=""> READ </a> In a test on the same Ford crate engine, with nothing more than the AFR 185 heads, developed 537 HP at 5,900 RPMs and 505 lbs. of torque at 4,900 RPMs. So, this should be more than enough to merge with traffic. :)
You have a point there, but most people don't look at a tbird as a "cool" car, untill they get romped by one at the stop light :p

Where'd you get your hood? Think it would look good on my bird?

Pics of my bird at that page
Your Bird looks very nice.... Mine is not a daily driver, so I can be a little more radical than most. Living in a state with NO vehicle inspections at all does have some advantages when building up a car.

That cowl hood is from Legendary. The picture is not my Bird. Mine will not be ready for the hood till Spring. Once all the kinks are all worked out, its time to put the Bird on a diet, and what cant be removed, be moved to the rear. I want to get it down to below 3700 which should be easy for a weekend toy car. No a/c, no heater, no insulation any where, light weight racing seats, no radio, ( who needs a stinking radio when you have this kind of sound:) )

I am looking for mid to low 11s when done.

are you planning on going fuel injected or carb on the 392... im in the process of putting a 351 into my bird also and i think im gonna go the fuel injected way even though it's a lil more expensive, but it will be more reliable than carb cuz its my daily driver, any thoughts of wheather to go carb or fuel injected??
Re: yea

mRbojangles said:
are you planning on going fuel injected or carb on the 392... im in the process of putting a 351 into my bird also and i think im gonna go the fuel injected way even though it's a lil more expensive, but it will be more reliable than carb cuz its my daily driver, any thoughts of wheather to go carb or fuel injected??
Since mine is not a daily driver, and I live in Tennessee, which has no inspections, I am going with a carburator. Since yours will be a daily driver, fuel injection is the way to go. With the AFR 185 heads, this engine developes 531HP, so should be quick. <a href=""> Paxton </a> is developing a kit for carburated small block Fords now. If needed, I can always put in another cam, and add that latter.
My county doesn't have inspections, but if I ever go to gainesville or something, I'm screwed :p
Hey there 392!

What other mods were necessary to handle the extra HP, did you keep the stock AOD/4R70W trans, or go with older technology? How does the IRS hold up and the rest of the powertrain for that matter?

I have a 95 3.8 NA bird with a tired engine and a 1968 302 from an old Mustang. Every now and then I have evil thoughts about merging the two. NJ emmisions test is a *****, but fortunately my car is good through 2004 and most of the inspectors wouldn't know the difference between a 302 and 3.8 and a 5Hp Briggs and Stratton Engine anyhow. As long as it passes the sniffer test and still has cats. :D

My trans (AOD) and torque converter are custom built to race specs, to handle 600 HP with no problem. The rear is a <a href""> Ford Racing </a> carrier and 3.73 gears. I am using a special rear end reinforcement cover, in place of the standard cover. With this, the 8.8 will handle 600HP with no problem. I am in the process of getting special HD axle shafts for it now. I will double box the control arms on the rear also.
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