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Parts from 94 SC

I have the following available from 94 SC.

Center console base and top. The tan base is in pretty good condition, the black top is not as nice and shows some wear. Ashtray cover is included but unattached. Includes fog light and firm ride switches with harness and pigtail. No broken tabs on the bottom of the black console top. Asking $125 shipped.

SOLD"SC" branded air bag in good condition. Asking $150 shipped.SOLD

SOLD SC gauge cluster with 145mph speedometer and boost gauge. 109,106 miles showing on the odometer. Painted teal to match the car, can easily be resprayed black or whatever color you desire. Asking $150 shipped. SOLD

I could possibly get some additional parts depending on interest. The ebrake and cable, rear SC bumper, tan leather rear fold down that's splitting at the seams up top. The car is kinda rough and pretty rusty for a FL car. Let me know what you else you may need and I'll see if its there/how it looks.


1 - 9 of 9 Posts