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94 Cobra alternator bracket...

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I found a 94 Cobra alternator.. the 130 amper, and I need to make a bracket for it to fit my car.

Anyone know how or know of another bracket that'll work?
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you have to custom make something to attach the upper Eye of the alternator to the orginal upper mounting point ont he Accessory bracket...

Some made it out of strap Steel , others made it out of machined <??> aluminum...
don't suppose....

I don't suppose anyone whould like to make one of those brackets for me? (email me with your price) :)
I'm not about to be making my own... so I wonder if somebody would make it for me, also.. :D
Even thou i'll be doing it with strap steel, if i ever get to it, I don't plan on mass producing :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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