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OK My project Bird is on the road. My primary trans complaint was a large flare on the 3-4 shift. That is definately there. I primarily manage that by keeping the O/D Off switch on disabling Overdrive for now.

If not the RPM flares up by about 1000-1500 RPM and the delay to shift (3-4) is about 1-2 seconds.

Also I can be cruising and turn the O/D Off switch off and the 3-4 shift (with accompanying flare) will happen within a few second.

Other things I have noticed that seem a tad odd.

Manually down shifting from D-2 (at say 30 MPH) with NO THROTTLE applied the tach will drop to 1000 for about a second and then the 2nd gear will engage and the tach will rise accordingly. The same exact scenario happens if I manually downshift from 2-1.

Also with selector in D and O/D turned on or off the car will downshift during coast a tad early to my way of thinking. I can actually feel some slight decel and engine braking during coast from say 25-10 MPH. Tach jumps (500 RPM?) on both downshifts (3-2 and 2-1)

Plan to change fluid and filter soon including converter drain.
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