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Like the title says, Will the exhaust manifolds for a 94 mustang with a 3.8 work on my cougar (91 body, 89 motor). I ask because i know there are header kits that will fit our motors, but they are out of my price range. I work for NAPA here in Newfoundland, but our systems don't have a listing for manifolds for the 3.8L. Saying that, we do have a listing for mustang manifolds, but not for 89-91.

A local scrap yard wants $100 for a used d/s manifold off a cougar, where as I can get a new one through work for not much more, only it's for the mustang haha.

If anyone knows, would you care to enlighten me on the topic. The car does have o2 sensors in the manifolds, so it does need to have the bolt holes for them.

- Stephen
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