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95 4.6 needs help

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First off, i have a 95 tbird with the 4.6 motor and its been running real rough...

its misfiring real badly and sputtering, very strong unburnt fuel smell, lots of fluid from the exhaust and i hear a light chattering coming from the engine bay every now and then as well as a whistling sound when the throttle is depressed.
under hard acceleration the motor runs good after warmed up but right back to a rough idle/acceleration to where it wants to die when the RPMs drop.

the plug wires are basically new as well as the spark plugs, fuel filter, i swapped in a used but good MAF - cleaned it before installing it.
every cylinder is getting spark (i pulled each one with the engine in idle and verified spark)

Where do i start?? i dont have the cash right now to take it in to a shop so i need to fix this myself.... help:(
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Is the CEL on? The unburnt fuel smell makes me think that the EEC may be hanging an injector or 2 open and constantly dumping fuel in that cylinder.

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