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The safety inspector told me my driver side seat belt was not catching when trying to stop at 20 mph. I found a replacement seat belt on Ebay from a 95 Super Coupe. Mine is an LX. Seat belts are NOT automatic.

I was able to replace the belt without removing the rear panel. Loosen and push the rear seat up against the back rest. After removing the three bolts for the belt, one for the mechanism behind the rear panel, one on the floor next to the front seat and one above the door it will all come out. The belt has to go through the panel regardless of whether you remove the panel or not. Attach a string or wire to the holes for the floor and roof bolts before pulling them through.

You will have to jiggle the mechanism some to remove it but that is easier than removing the panel.

Feed the new belt through the panel and attach the roof and floor bolts being sure to keep the belt flat. Jiggle the new mechanism back into place. Attach and tighten the bolt to secure the mechanism in place. Tighten all bolts. Replace the seat in position you are done.

This took me about 30 minutes. It's not a hard job.

Now I am not sure the old seat belt was bad but oh.

He also told me my brakes were bad which I knew was BS. And of course the standard "bad wipers" comment was BS. They work just fine.

Went to a different place a little further from home where I have gone for several years. Passed inspection no problem.

I'll be glad when the Texas safety inspection is no longer required.
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