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My G/F's parents own a land scaping business and they have a bunch of trucks. Their 95 diesel popped either a head gasket or an oil cooler and they asked me if I would put in some stop leak that THEY picked up (I'm not a big fan of fixing a vehichle out of a can). No problem, Its raining, and I'm not doing anything today anyway. I get the coolant out and remove the thermostat as directed, now's where I run into trouble. When I put the gasket back into the housing, the gasket sits too deep in the housing and I dont think it'll realy do anything. The piece that attaches to the upper radiator hose wont sandwich the gasket, and I think i'm going to run into trouble with it spewing coolant everywhere.

I have to run it without the thermostat for 50 mins after dumping this crap and new coolant in, do you guys think RTV will hold up if I let it sit till tomarrow and let their mechanics do the rest?

Thanks for the info guys,

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