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I loaned the car out to one of our kids for an extended period - I never thought I'd see it again, so I bought another '95 LX. When they gave it back, there was a huge dead spot in the middle of the steering. It wasn't the steering coupler. I found a bent inner tie rod and the original rack was now leaking. If I was going to drive this thing again, I wanted safe steering.

After looking through the various threads on here, it seemed the consensus was a rack from Rack Doctors and a power steering pump from Motorcraft were the best ways to go. If I was replacing all of that, why not go ahead and swap in a new pressure hose while I was at it?

I paid around $160 for the rack, another $160 for the pump, and about $30 for the pressure hose.

About your radiator hoses:

I tried an Autozone lower radiator hose on the new car - it leaked from where the plastic T connected to the hoses. I went with a Napa hose and it worked like a charm. It's still made up from separate hoses and a plastic T, but the joints seem to be much, much better.

In fact, I have an upper and lower set of Napa radiator hoses that were destined for the soon to be departed car (no pun intended). I'll sell them both together for $30.00 plus shipping from 32207. They're listing for $47 tonight on Napa's website.

If you'd like, I could deliver to Lake City or Mayo. I head that way on a regular basis.

What color is your interior? I have the really nice gray seats mentioned elsewhere and two sets of tan cloth seats - long story. Delivery would be much easier than shipping those heavy things.
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