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95 Mark VIII LSC parts car $100

have a 1/2 stripped 95 mark viii lsc parts car.
i have take a few parts off the car, basically the motor, trans, suspension, trim panels and other small stuff.
a lot of good parts remain.
bumpers front and rear with absorbers and reinforcements.
doors with windows and regulators exterior trim
trunk lid
almost all of the wiring with the control boxes including the engine computer and message center display. the buttons for it are sold.
heater and a/c box with good blend door and box
the air ride controllers, the bags are gone along with the ride hight sensors
the anti lock pump with most of everything that goes with it.
the sunroof with motor and headliner
the factory dual exhaust.
the windshield is in great shape. the car was in a crash and the windshield was replaced. there are no stone chips in it.

i will sell EVERYTHING for $100
yes you read correctly $100.
the catch is you must make a firm commitment by friday 6/14 and plans to remove by next weekend.
i want this car out of my drive ASAP. i don't need the city complaining. no one has complained yet. but i don't need to ask for troubles.

the wheels in the pics are available for a extra $40 there are 2 good tires on the rims the other 2 are scrap.
i have the rotors available for a extra $10 also.
i also have the heads, valve covers, intake, and throttle body available for $150

if no one makes a commitment i start cutting up the car next weekend.

here is a link to 30+ pics of the car. viii
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