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So I've had my CEL on for a while, Finally got around to borrowing my buddies Scanner. After a long day I swapped out the EGR valve completely, it was all clogged up with carbon, I also changed the DPFE sensor.. Car started up great and everything, 30 miles later CEL came back on.. same code. Noticed kind of a rough idle too after the car was fully warmed up. Almost sounded like it wanted to stall. Runs fine once I gas it though.

Also with my scanner under the freeze frame data it says P0174..

Fuel sys 1 CL
Fuel sys 2 CL-Fault
Calc Load(%) 40.00
ECT(F) 199
STFT B1(%) 21.09
LTFT B1(%) 21.09
STFT B2(%) 16.41
LTFT B2(%) 21.09
Eng RPM 1968
Veh Speed (mph) 65

So it appears theres an issue with bank 2.. whatever that means.. I also want to point out that I'm quite the idiot when it comes to cars, but I can turn a wrench lol. Any help would be grateful. I need to get this CEL issue fixed so I can get my smog going, Got a buddy of mine that will be willing to help me..

Thanks guys! =)
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