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1995 front and rear bumpers
1995 hood with some dings in it
1997 hood with one small crease
4.6L engine around 100,000 miles (have video of it running b4 i pulled it)
the engine is on the verge of being parted out also. anyone need parts, let me know.
left and right 1/4 windows
1994 center console bezel (good ashtray cover, one broken clip)
headlights (one almost brand new driver side for 94-95, 3 cloudy ones)(2 for the 96-97)
turn lights (94-95 and 96-97)
turn switch
taillights 94-95 and 96-97 LEDS dont work
front brake calipers
gas tank
shifter indicator bezel
1 - 8.8" rear housing iron with gears
1 - used set of gears (stock)
1993 one piece aluminum driveshaft mark 8
stock driveshaft
like new resonator
sunroof glass
heater blower motor
2 - alternator
rear view mirror
overflow container
cooling fan
stabilizer bar (rear)
axle shafts
steering wheel
trunk release
gas door release
keyless entry computer (with code) no remote tho
many miscellaneous parts
front dash cover (near the windshield) grey
a/c parts.... condenser... etc.
electrical parts...... lights....... switches...wires.....etc.
heater controls
tan heater vent (pass side)
some interior parts.... sun visors.....etc.
oil dipstick
MAF sensor and housing
pretty much everything i could pull off from behind the dash b4 i scrapped the car. even some parts i dont know what they are called or used for, lol.
alpine v12 amplifier (5 channel)

5.0L bare block
all parts off 5.0L engine

make offers on anything. if you dont see it listed, ask. pics are available.

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antenna stanchion / bezel

Do you have the antenna stanchion/bezel (if it was a 95 with power antenna)?

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97 header panel?
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