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`96 T-Bird Premium sound amp???

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I havent had my `96 long ,but someone used to have an aftermarket system in it.
Before they traded it in they hooked the factory head unit back up,and it doesnt sound good at all... I need to know were in the car exactly would the factory amp be
mounted? I want to see if its still there and if so try to hook it back up.
I may go with an aftermarket set up later, but for now I need it to work right.
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I may be wrong but I believe it is in the trunk under the deck
for later models it is in the trunk under the deck, but for your 96 it is directly underneath the deck... so once you take out the cd deck look right under it and you will see the top of the amp. uhhh as i understand it if the amp isn't hooked up then sound won't even be coming out of the speakers... i had that problem when hooking up my aftermarket deck. so as for it sounding bad, i don't know what that could be. describe how it's sounding and possibly someone else can help ya out....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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