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Ok, I have two 97 Console tops that I'm letting go and one ashtray.

SOLD Console top 1 is nearly mint, it has one scratch on the drivers side at the rear, probably from someone's jean rivet. It also has two minuscule spots that appear to be from a ball point pen. No broken tabs, etc... Overall, the condition is 9/10.

Console top 2 is in fair to good condition, it has paint flaking on the sides at the rear from wear, but the rest is perfect. I had this console in my car and no one ever noticed, but you will know its there. You could strip & repaint it easily and its a perfect candidate for this. No broken tabs, etc... Overall condition 7/10.

SOLD Ashtray is in very good condition, I cleaned it up on the outside but didn't spend a lot of time on it. Could be in a show car and no one would think it out of place if you clean it up on the inside. Cigarette lighter appears to have been used once or twice at most.

Console top 1: $60 shipped
Console top 2: $40 shipped
Ash tray: $25 shipped

Console top 2 (damage only)

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