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Any updates on this? I'm looking for a black bezel for my 95 SC and I'm definitely interested in this.
The latest update on this:

  1. My friend from work purchased a high temp 3D print head to print high temp plastics.
    • Print head will be in by Saturday he said
    • He'll start tuning his printer when it's in
  2. My friend's 3D printer is a small printer
    • It's about 1ft x 1ft x 1ft
    • Will require that the prints be "snapped" together somehow after printing
      • Asked if it can be done to be as seamless as possible
  3. The STL file I have has become corrupted and my friend cannot use it.
    • @theterminator93 was saying that he needed to re-do the scan job anyway as it was practically useless
    • There's a Makersplace thing about an hour and change from me, I will give them a call to see if they do 3D scans
      • If they do, I will make an appointment
  4. If I make a trip to this Makersplace location, then I'll need to.....
    • Know what to look out for when scanning the cluster
    • I'll get BOTH the 94-96 bezel and the 97 bezel scanned
      • They both have flaws, but my friend said he can get these flaws repaired in the rendering
    • See if my friend wants to meet me there so he can get exposure to this part of the process as well
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My friend has gotten the STL file originally provided by @theterminator93 to me to work. He's told me everything that Brandon has mentioned here about the file being "too big" and difficult to work with.

It may still require that the bezel be rescanned before my friend can make it work.

I'll post updates here as we go along.
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