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Don't know if anyone's interested, but thought I'd put this out here:

I volunteer at a Tampa charity, "Wheels of Success," that fixes and donates cars to people in need. Yesterday I found a '97 Tbird LX that they're going to send to salvage because it has a blown transmission.

I didn't take any pictures, but;

Green -- badly faded, clearcoat worn away.
LX -- didn't see any V8 badges.
Grey/black interior, looked to be in good condition.
5-spoke Super Coupe wheels --

I joked with the program coordinator that "I'd like to take this one home," and rather than laughing with me...she thought I was serious and was willing to let me buy it and take it home -- I had to explain that my wife would shoot me.

So...I'd expect that if anyone is in Florida and willing to pay something more than salvage prices and trailer it home, they could have it. Not sure how soon they're going to send it out.

Contact Lisa Ferrer at Wheels of Success,
Office: 813-490-9444
Mobile: 813-992-5990
email: [email protected]
program website: if you're interested in the program overall.
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