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I'm working on a 97 Mark 8 that has a P0705 troublecode. I know that this is a range sensor fault. I replaced the MLPS with a known good one and the problem persists. The info center on the dash states "Gear shift selector malfunction". When you put the car into reverse the "R" indicator on the dash lights up, as will the one on the shifter in the center console. Once you put it into drive the D will light up momentarily on the dash then goes out. The D on the shifter doesn't light up at all.
I've cleaned all the connections on the wiring harness on the tranny, no change. Replaced the MLPS, no change. Adjusted the MLPS, no change.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I was thinking that thecircut board with the LED's on it that illuminates the shifter may be bad, or possibly the computer itself not reading the signal from the wiring.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and related experience on this.
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