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I haven’t checked recently, but the header panel for the ‘97 was available in the aftermarket. I bought one for my ‘97 several years ago, because my old one was falling apart, and was satisfied with the reproduction part.
I found one in the after market, they won't ship them and the closet one to me was 7 hours each way. So i have been looking, found one today through a referral from another TOCAA member.

Thanks for the advice.

Hello, I am in Mt. Pleasant, TX and am currently pulling parts to store for another 97 I have.
I am not selling any parts--yet but I don't need the part you are looking for. Which part is it?
You can call me at nine seven two-542-6061 to see if I have the part. No charge to fellow tbird lover.
I have your Information and will call you tomorrow about other parts.
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