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'97 TBird ashtray??

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We have had the control unit for our CD changer Velcroed to the front face of the ashtray on our '97 'Bird for many years with no incedent.
We recently had the car professionally detailed and somehow they managed to pop open the ashtray....(We don't use the ashtray) and now it won't close (it will slide in, but the front tilts out/down) and we for the life of us can't seem how to figure out how to get it to stay closed.
Any ideas?? Thanks!
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Super glue? Maybe JB Weld? :D

What about replacing the whole ash tray assembly? Would it be easy to put the Changer control back on with new velcro? Occasionally, you see a 97 ashtray pop up from time to time. I think ThomasA actually had one recently? Not sure if he still does or not.

I don't think ours is broken.
It is a push-push mechanism so you need to push it past the closed point so it will latch but I think you may have figured it out anyways.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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