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A/C to recharge it?

I just replaced my head gasket and now my A/C won't work all of a sudden. I'm not sure if it's electrical or what. The compressor won't cycle on at all. I went to Advance auto and bought a kit with a large can of freon with leak sealer and conditioner and a hose with a low pressure side gauge on it. When I put it on the low side line, it reads around 120...deep in the red should be around 40 from what I understand. Now this measurement is without the compressor even running at all. The AC is turned on and on high but the compressor won't cycle on at all and I still get this high reading. In fact it hasn't run in 2 months now, since the engine was apart for that long. (I got injured after taking off the heads and had to wait 2 months before I could reassemble everything). I was afraid to try to put in any freon for fear the can would explode in my face with that high reading.

After all that work doing the head gasket I thought I was finally done and saved a lot of money too and now this....any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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