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My A/C worked fine before my engine swap the other year. Afterwards, I took it and had it professionally charged. It held a vacuum fine for the guy, but leaked all the freon out within 45 minutes or so after it was charged. I had really messed with it since, but my friends bought an a/c charging setup and we figured we'd try to get it working again today.

We hooked up the gauges and pulled a vacuum and could watch the vacuum drop on the gauge as the system leaked. I swapped all of the o-rings except those at the compressor where the inlet/outlet lines bolt on. We pulled a vacuum of 28in Hg on it and shut off the vacuum pump. It held the vacuum steady for about 20 minutes or more, so we thought we had fixed the leak. We charged the system and the A/C got pretty cold and was working well for about 30 minutes or so before the r134a leaked out. My friend thinks it might be the seals in the compressor because it held the vacuum fine, but leaked when the compressor was running. I didn't see any obvious leaks in the lines or condenser, and none of it was damaged before the engine swap.

I don't want to waste anymore freon trying to diagnose this. Any other ideas? How hard is it to rebuild the compressor?

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