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ok I replaced the low pressure line the condenser and the a/c compressor.

The reason why I replaced the condenser put three cans of r-134 in the low side line started to leak.

fixed the line the clutch on the a/c broke what I mean is it wouldn't ingage took it apart the shaft the clutch sat on had a crack on it so I replaced it.

I got three cans of r-134 12 oz each it recommends 32 oz of it.

But what I wanted to ask how much will it need when it is completely empty exept for the oil for the compressor?

just the three cans or do I need another can I put a one of those temp gage things in the vent it goes down to 60 on high fan speed after three cans.

I just wanted to ask because it didn't say in the hanes and Chilton about how much other than have a shop fill it.

The a/c compressor stays on as long as I have the control set for the a/c to be on it wont cut out and cut back on.

I think I have enough in the system but I wanted to ask because I didn't want to burn up the compressor.

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1) Any time the system is open to the atmosphere the accumulator MUST be replaced. There is a desiccant inside which will become saturated if open to air for more than 10 minutes or so.
2) The system will have residual oil in it unless you flushed the remaining lines and evaporator.
3) The only way to know "for sure" how much refrigerant you need is to go out and buy a set of gauges.
4) A vacuum of at least 29 inHg MUST be pulled on the system for at least 30 minutes after it is reassembled to remove moisture from the system, and the vacuum should hold for another 30 minutes (otherwise you have a leak)
5) All things being equal, a freshly rebuilt/flushed system with NO oil in it whatsoever will need 6-8 oz. PAG-46 and up to a maximum of 34 oz. R-134a.
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