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I was not aware this had been done, it was produced from 2006 to 2017.

It would never fit in an MN12 at 30" wide, but it does put points on the board for the "No Replacement for Displacement" argument.

750HP (559Kw) at 8000 rpm, 570lb-feet at 7500rpm NA all Aluminum monster.

That would take the MN12 to 152watts per pound from 41watts per pound.

If you have 500HP available, you could potentially consume 500cc per cylinder per minute at WOT IIRC. That's 4 gallons a minute, at 3.00 for mid-grade, $12.00 per minute of fuel burn.

When we are done messing around with the Modular Engines, our old girl retire and get an eco-boost 2.3 with a power pack. 50% more power than stock, about 50% lighter than stock, probably nearly double the MPG.

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This tells the tale "If you spend enough money, you can do anything."

A pushrod motor, with a glued on dohc heads, running from toothed belts.

That's every possible failure option I can imagine; the anti-backlash cam gears alone are a fail waiting to happen.

A 4.6l dohc teksid block motor with a large blower can hit 750hp fairly easily; the guys that spent this kind of cash on one were running 1200hp.

If you have more money than Jesus, and a will to "do it your way", why not. :)

The pix here with a broken teksid block were with 21 pounds of boost and nitrous; I'd bet this breaks long before that HP point.
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