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Twas the night before Christmas and caught at the light,
Was a domestic V8 and not a cop in sight,
I will try, I will try, I will try with this small motor,
To beat this dang Thunderbird, even with its big motor,
As the light goes green and I pull like no joke,
The Thunderbird erupts in clouds of tire smoke,
Now Smasher, now Rev-ver, now Stroker, now Blitzin,
These are the names of my four VTEC pistons,
Racing ahead I'm the star of the action,
But I know I'm in trouble when V8 gets traction,
Grabbing second, I hear the RPM's sing,
My mirror is blocked by my shopping kart wing,
I now hear the roar of the big monster gaining,
All I can do is keeping the four-banger straining,
In a second, the shock wave hits with a blast,
And my stickers go flying now a thing of the past,
Don't bother with third, cause now it's too late,
Just try to act cool, like you can relate,
Looking up at the taillights as they get smaller,
The driver backs off just to give me a holler,
"You can't win them all," he says in fling,
"You may not win any, in that silly thing,"
I smiled and revved as he pulled out of sight,
With my new mods tomorrow…it will be a better night


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Thats kinda sweet.
I wish my mom read me stories like that when I was just a little ford guy.


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excellent job...

That was hilarious.........

:uppoint: :uppoint: :uppoint: :uppoint: :uppoint:

Just can't wait to read it to my rice friends...:uppoint:


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Man thats funny as hell. I am gonna print that like 400 times and go put them on all the ricer cars in my town.

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Heres the same race From the SC Drivers View:

T'was the night before Christmas, and at the red light,
was my supercharged t-bird, and not a cop was in sight.

The temptation was there, to smoke-um with pride,
when a little red ricer, pulled up right beside.

He looked at me funny, like he thought he could win.
I was gunna make money, so I sneered, and I grinned.

The light changed to green, and I smiled with glee,
as the ricer took off, I knew he couldn't see.

I'd try to refrain from smokin' up the cool night,
But I just couldn't do it, and it really felt right.

As I reached back for second then up into third,
I just knew this red ricer, must be laying a turd.

We went down the street flyin', and grabin' the gears,
and four short blocks later, he was behind by two years.

From forth came the notion, I'd already won,
he had not a chance, no, not even one!

When all of the sudden, from out of the night,
came from one block ahead, a flashing red light.

I got on the brakes to see what was up,
Then made a quick turn, "Oh crap" it's a cop!

I turned off the headlights, then dissolved into the night.
I'd made a quick exit, there'd be no bragging tonight.

It would wait 'til tomorrow, when I'd tell it to friends,
I beat the red ricer, and a big ticket again.

BTW, I wrote this about two years ago and posted it on our club website!
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