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made a old dog return to the stomping grounds...

I haven't been around for a long while. Something happen tonight though that made me have to return for a post!

I was coming home tonight from a place I used to dj at. Went up to see some old faces and enjoy a couple beverages. On my way home a 96-97 bird's headlights came into view. I noticed the driver was enjoying a bit of spirited driveling while following me to a T. I was driving my sister's new focus after having just taken her up to the airport for her travels abroad. I had not payed all that much attention to the bird in my mirror. Until!! Until said bird decided he wanted to become very intimate with my rear bumper! Didn't hit it, but was damn close. Like I said NOT my car! So I dropped a couple gears let the clutch out to slow down. Let him know I did not enjoy his intimacy. He then passed me with all his factory v6 power!! Factory standard rims a blaze!

We came to a light ... I tried to get him to roll down his window but the sidewards cocked hat would not. He took off in the opposite direction as I. I was honestly thinking of having the poor soul follow me how so I could show him what a prepped bird looks like. Even if it is sitting on jack stands at the moment. (yes to anyone who may remember me, I still have to ole bird. Its just not togther right now.) God I wish I had it tonight or my, now daily driving, 300z. Although if i did, I would have prolly gotten myself into trouble. I know, I know, I should have grown past that by now. And I have!! Its just he was deserving of it. Sad thing is... my sister focus would have prolly smoked his car. Man I miss v8 power!
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