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A vibration when I drive

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So I found a 1997 XR7 with 77,000 miles. Had to fix a few things but it seems to be in pretty good shape. The only exception is it has a vibration when driving that seems pretty constant. Turning, stopping accelerating has no affect. I'm assuming it's wheel bearings but I figured I'd ask those that have more experience as this is my first Cougar
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Wheel bearings typically squeak; if it's vibrating, you need to check the driveshaft. I've broken3 so far. They don't like 80mph driving. Check the joints, and see if the front and rear are still together.
What shape are the tires in? I have found our cars to be very sensitive to out of balance tires. Even the slightest imbalance and it's felt through the steering. To try and diagnose it you could try rotating the tires and see if it changes anything.
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Has your front end alignment been checked recently?

I always think of the stupid driveshaft, since I fought it so long. These guys are right, tho, the tires can wear funny, and I bought tires at Sam's club once that were out of round, and couldn't be balanced. There are apparently grades of tires, depending on where you buy them. Tirerack is top grade, lol. Allignment will cause problems. If the tires aren't new, and your shocks are good, and the suspension components are in good condition, Put new tires on it, and take it and get it alligned, and ask them if they can id the vibration. Most good tire shops can look at your old tires, and tell you exactly what's worn in your suspension. Bad parts leave different wear patterns on the tires.
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I haven't had it long enough to notice any irregular tire wear nor have I had a chance to check the alignment. It sat for quite a while before I bought it and just taking it out for short test drives it has gotten a little better but highway driving is out of the question. I had to replace the rear sway bar end links as the rubber bushing at the top was gone on both sides. Wasn't sure what to make of that but the driveshaft I didn't consider. Now that you mention it though it makes sense. Damn. I can't help but be grateful to you guys for your help and the 2005 Buick Century I had before that was so rust eaten that the doors wouldn't open if I parked on uneven ground lol. There's not a spot of rust on this thing and I wasn't sure about buying at first but after only a week I love this thing!
The driveshaft is a safety component, it's collapsible for a rear impact. The drag is driving at 80 or so makes the two sections separate. They're basically two pieces of shaped sheet metal with rtv squirted between. They start causing vibration after they let go. I actually spun one; I thought the trans was slipping, lol.
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