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edit: nevermind guys. I took a second look at all that, this time with MY GLASSES ON. A 5 amp fuse was blown but I couldn't tell without my glasses because of the filament being so thin. Dar!

Hey guys,

I accidentally blew something when I was behind the rear defrost switch checking out how I was to hook up the new alarm to the rear defrost switch. I accidentally dropped switch while I had one of the voltmeter probes behind the harness and touched the metal. I heard a fuse pop and I thought it should be an easy fix.

Now, AC / defrost / volt gauge do not work.

I've checked every single fuse within view (inside and engine compartment) and they are all good.

I heard the fuse-like pop from the same area as the fuse box under the dash but I don't see it.

Is there some kind of hidden fuse somewhere?!? Everything else in the car works.. radio, clock, lights, dash lights, all gauges but volts, etc etc.
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