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  • Traction Assist (TA) is offered as an option on vehicles equipped with ABS. It is designed to control wheel spin when accelerating on slippery surfaces.
  • The TA system operates as follow
  • During acceleration, if one or both rear wheels lose traction and begin to spin, the TA system will rapidly apply and release the appropriate rear brake to reduce wheel spin and add traction.
  • The traction assist system monitors brake usage to prevent brake overheating.
  • If the TA system is turned off by the anti-lock brake control module (2B373) to prevent the rear brakes from overheating, the indicator lamp in the TA ON/OFF switch will be illuminated. This will not affect the anti-lock operation. The TA system operates at vehicle speeds up to approximately 55 km/h (34 mph).


ABS Control Module is located in drivers side fender well.


They use the same brake booster and master cylinder. No problem there!

I see that the hydraulic line locations for front and rear are swapped between the two HCU's. I am not sure if the location of the individual hydraulic lines matter? My question is: Would the traction assist attempt to apply braking power to the two center outputs from the pump thus attempt to apply pressure to the front calipers? Then would it be possible to switch the lines around so the lines are connected like the ABS with traction control? This would depend on how the HCU is wired. Still needs to be tested. If all this fails you would have to replace the HCU to match the ABS control module. Again none of this is tested or verified. If you do test this please let me know [email protected] 703-968-6513


I know the ABS control module is the same for all 1994-1997 Thunderbirds/Cougars and 1993-1996 Lincoln Mark VIII.


The ABS harness only uses two wires for the traction assist. Pin 25 (Traction Assist Switch) and Pin 44 (Traction Assist ON Indicator)

The following diagram shows how the Traction Assist is connected to the wiring of the ABS. Adding power to Pin 25 would activate the traction assist and turning it off would deactivate the traction assist. My guess is (without testing this out on a car) the ABS control module with traction assist could be retrofitted to a car equipped with ABS only.
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