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Adios Guys....

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On Saturday Morning, bright and early.. 0600. I will be inflight on the way to Pensacola Florida for School. I will return in mid February.

Hold down the fort, and don't let the savages run amuck...
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sniff-sniff, We'll miss you Roger...:(
OxmanWI said:
sniff-sniff, We'll miss you Roger...:(
(fixed that for you too)

You are in Wisconsin, I will be there soon enough.. I am talking to the Cali guys goofball.. But thanks anyway....
oops sorry Roger, have a safe trip any ways :)
goodluck and good hunting
you will be missed roger, have a safe flight and good luck to you and your family :)
Roger ,

It was really nice meeting you .

Take care and good luck ! :zbeer:
ill miss ya buddy, you still gotta send me those other two lowering springs!!! LOL.... have a safe trip and let us all know when you get back... but im sure we will still be talking to you. keeping you away from tccoa is like trying to keep a fat kid from a cupcake......just never works....
Tyler, once those springs come off the car, they are yours. I won't forget. I won't be away from TCCoA. Not at all.

Talk to you soon, you do have my cell # so, you can still call...
so how was the trip, hope everything went ok
The trip over here was ****ty, had to spend a night in Dallas, the weather coming into Pensacola was fogged out, and we made 3 attempts, nothing, no go, even got fuel in Mobile, it was a very long day. Had to divert to Fort Walton Florida which is a good 40 minute drive from where I am now.

Once I got settled in, all good. No complaints now.

Although I would love to have my car!
Well, Back in San Diego to pack up, I will be here until the 15th, turn over the keys and then outta here. If you guys would like to stop by, packers will be around tomorrow. and then they load the truck the 13th. Also, the 96 should be shipped out tomorrow.....

come on by, shoot the crap, and I will see you around.
well, as much as we all hate to see you go buddy... your moving on to bigger and better things. so with that said, dont go and dissappear and fade away... ..
Have a safe trip!
Just a quick note...

Thanks Roger!!!

You took me in and made me feel welcome to this group.

Don't know where I'm headin' thus far, but hope to meet you all again!

Hey Roger. Have a safe and fun trip tomorrow.

Take care,
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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