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93 Mustang LX with a T5.

Just had the used and abused transmission rebuilt. Has an aluminum quadrant. Resurfaced the flywheel, new pressure plate 2300lbs, new disc, new roller pilot bearing and throwout bearing.

I tightened the cable end onto the fork until the cable was not slack then tightened about 3 turns more. I'm confident the throwout bearing is constantly touching the fingers, even with the pedal released.

Car shifts fine, no problems engaging gears including reverse.
Why I'm concerned. Releasing the pedal from the carpet it will engage about 1/3 the way up.

I tried tightening the cable another turn but it still engages about 1/3 the way up.

I don't want to tighten it too much but before I was engaging about 2/3's the way up.
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