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advice: 95 LX 40th (might be totalled?)

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I have a 95 LX 40th Anniversary.
It has 161K miles on it.
Let my mom borrow it yesterday...

and someone smashed into it :mad:. (mom is ok)

I kept it in great shape. It has new transmission in it. (october '01)
I'm still not sure of the damage costs on it. but it was driven to my local autobody shop. (it was hit in the rear passenger side, behind the door)

I bought it used from a company who used it as their corporate car.
I had just paid it off too. :( :(

I am still paying off the loan for the transmission. I have looked up the trade-in value on and it says its worth all of $1500 :( says $2760.

If my insurance won't pay for it to get fixed, or totals it what should I do??
I'm sure it doesn't help that the moron who plowed into my thunderbird did NOT have insurance!:mad: :mad:

I really have enjoyed this car. My dad had a '87 T-bird that went 280,000 miles!
I was looking forward to souping it now that it was paid off too.
Any place I have ever brought this car to for service has always commented on it and how smooth it runs.

I don't think this car deserves to be totalled, it is a pretty rare edition and I know there are lots of people that are into these great cars.

Thanks for any input you might have for me.

Buckle up and watch out for crazy drivers!!


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Genuine 40th? I only ask because my 95 has a 40th sticker above the V8 badge, but its not a 40th anniv car. Anyways, sorry to hear about your car getting hit, that's why I refuse to let ANYONE, including my parents, drive or borrow my car. It just makes me REALLY oncomfortable when someone besides me is driving. Hope everything works out for you.
I'm pretty sure its a real '40th'
It has the red over silver paint job. Decals, floor mats. I even have the original window sticker. Final Assembly point "Promotional Trim" Lorain, OH.
Lucky lucky lucky. I wish mine was a real 40th. If it does get totalled, how much do you want for the 40th fender emblems? Still, sorry to hear about that happening...
That sucks :(.

Well, I'm no insurance adjuster, so I can't say wether it's totaled or not.

But, if it is - BUY IT BACK, and GET ANOTHER TBIRD!!! You'll have a fresh tranny for her whenever your next Tbird's tranny goes, and a slew of other parts.

The sale of a motor alone would cover the buyback value (10%?), and you'd have piles of other still good parts :).

Still - that's a shame to have an accident happen to a 40th....
If it's a true 40th anny you might be able to convice them that it's worth more. Not that many were made.

$1500?! Thats not right. My 96 books for $9000! You just need to get the right quote.
Hey Lyzard. Glad to hear mom is OK. That sucks about the car. I hope they can fix it. Also if you havent before check out my website (in the sig below). It has the 40th Registry (which I will be adding a name or two this weekend). I also have a 40th car and love this car more then any other car.
Also if you dont get it fixed and it goes away totaled would you be willing to part the floor mats and window sticker to the owner of the 40th registry? (if you want $ just let me know and we can work that out). Also if you could atleast maybe get a good scan of the window sticker and send me a scaned image that would be awesome so I can use that on my site.
I really hope they can save the car though because it's a shame to see the good ones go like that.
Good Luck!!!

Yeah, it really is a shame to see a wonderful MN12 bite the dust so easily. But like he said, if it does get totalled, would you be willing to part with the 40th anniv pieces? (God I sound/feel like such a sleaze for asking that question. I'm jumping on the parts opportunity when we don't even know if its totalled for sure)
Hey I asked first on the parts, ;)
I have a 40th and a registry and dont even have floor mats, Key chain (I got the key chain on ebay... arrgggg paid like $35 for a tiny key chain too), and I never even seen a full window sticker of a 40th. I have been trying to get a copy of a window sticker from it for over a year. Hey Lyzard, If you cant get a good scan of it can you take it to a Kinkos or wherever and see if they can make a full copy and let me know what it cost and I will send you a few bucks in the mail for it (or paypal).
Please let me know on that.
BTW, what exactly was damaged... Just the rear fender area? That is fixable... a shop can take one cut off of another tbird and weld it in there then just paint it. I have heard of a couple people doing this because the rear fenders and roof are actually one piece. that shouldnt be too bad if thats all that was hurt. It might be a different story if its the rear fender, door, bumper, trunk lid, etc. Either way please let me know the outcome. If you want your car on the 40th registry just send me some info and I can do that. (If you are on there already then Im sorry, I sometimes dont remember people by their email name and their online posting name.) I can just make a note at the bottom that it is no more if that is the case. But would still be cool to have more on the registry.
Best of luck to you on the insurance stuff,
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Ah ah ah shawn, I asked first. ;) check my second post real closely. ;)

Anyways, best of luck with insurance and I pray that it can be fixed. Since the silver 2-tone is really only vynil layed over the paint, if they do fix it, you should look into getting it painted the two tone. Weren't you looking into doing that to yours Shawn? Let us know how it goes, we wanna know whether to hold a recovery party or a funeral...
You asked about the emblems. I asked about window sticker and floor mats although emblems is what i need. The real emblems are not like the V8 badges we have. They are more like half that thickness and sort of weather away so you can barely make out what the say. Thats why I havent put any close up shots of emblems on my site, because I just cant get a good shot from the ones I have.
Oh well,
good luck on the car,
Lol. I don't need them, I just wanted them. :) Anyways, good luck with your car and tell us how it turns out.
well lyzard

i am going thru this right now, and it was a real struggle to get it fixed.
they do not want to fix anything. if the rear quarter is bashed , its going to cost 4k and up. thats without mechanical damage. I hope you have uninsured motorist , if not, it wont matter, its all you. but im sure if its significant damage it will be a total loss.You will have to negotiate a price and take the pay out, and buy it back.
i argued my value up to 8590, in order to get it fixed.
Thanks for the info

how many miles on your T-Bird? what year?? any mods and stuff?

mine has 161 thousand miles.

I still don't know what I'm going to get for it.

It better be good because I'm paying more for insurance than the car is blue booked for right now.

I will keep posting as I get more info.
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i'm assuming you know who hit your car... i would take him into court and destroy him....
Lyzard said:
Thanks for the info

how many miles on your T-Bird? what year?? any mods and stuff?

mine has 161 thousand miles.

I still don't know what I'm going to get for it.

It better be good because I'm paying more for insurance than the car is blue booked for right now.

I will keep posting as I get more info.
i have '96, 4.6 ,96k miles , cobra wheels, $700 in tires, H&R springs , complete suspension rebuild 1 month ago, so i had $2k+ of receipts to argue with, thats the only thing that helped me, even tho my car is perfect they dont care. All they look at is numbers.

the insurance settled everything with my auto body shop!!
they are going to fix my T-Bird!!:cool:

$3,400 worth!!:p

looks like a recovery party!!:D :D :D :D

now i gotta go get a rental till next week.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!
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good deal

ok, cool beans Lyzard , glad to hear its not that bad,
Glad to hear it Lyzard! You wouldn't heppen to have pics of your car would you?
i'm gonna see if i can get some shots of it
tomorrow before they start working on it.

I don't really have any digital pics of my car ... yet. ;)

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