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I have a built(all forged internals) 4.6 motor with PI heads and an aluminum block…but on top of that is an AED race kit with virtually zero miles…drove from the shop to my house twice.

Since I was wounded this project kind of fell apart and I have now moved on, unfortunately. This kit is complete and was running on my car, it was the rest of the car that was never finished.

I no longer have the build sheet for the motor, but it was all great stuff bought specifically to stand up to the AED Race kit. So, if anyone is interested in the motor, the kit, or just the blower…it's all there.

$3000 (plus shipping)for the blower or we can work out something on the whole motor…which is backed by a zero mile T-56 as well.

Again I have pics, so just email or message me.

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