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Here's the deal, I haev a Cyberdyne H2O temp, and Oil Pressure gauges in an A-pillar pod. Now my question is this. With the H2O temp, if I hook the sending unit up in place of the stock sending unit, it will no longer turn the cooling fan on. If I try somehow to splice the two wires together it makes both of the temp gauges read erratically due to the differing OHMS. So what I can I do to correct this, or where it a good place to tap a hole for the sending unit? I've been thinking about the T-stat housing, but I don't think it's thick enough to have enough thread to keep it from leaking.

Secondly. With the Oil pressure, when I replace the sending unit, it keeps my "Check Gauges" light on all the time since the stock gauge is reading 0 pressure. It's not a big deal except for the fact that I do not have a low fuel light at all, so the "check gauges" light serves that purpose. Same basic question here, where can I tap in to install the oil pressure sending unit?

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