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Lincoln Brakes

a pair of fronts.


well they were sent off to a company i was in talks with about doing some custom work. i know we all have seen them on marks already and know they how they look. even though not a cobra brakes. these are the brembos whitelightninglsc used on his ride. hope he doesnt mind me using these. looks good and not taking anything from him. and definitely looks better than when you see he words cobra on them and its not on a cobra.

and this discussion has come up in a number of threads, on various boards, of i wish there were a brake kit with the lincoln logo or letters on them. and not just some stickers either. well here you go guys. alil earlier than i planned, but..................................................

anyhow i had asked the company to hold off putting them up just yet, but shipping issues held some things up. so before i get full pics of them here and installed on the car. here is what ive been trying to get lined up and from the pic on the page they LOOK GREAT. here a link to some other stuff they can do.

the company is called discbrakesrus. they can do any and all script. the letter is a silkscreen process they use during the baking of the powdercoating. though alil more pricey if you buy everything thru them. theres less down time. supposedly there's a guy who works for this company and has a few markvii's and lincolns, but have yet to talk to him. so let me know what ya'll think. and thats to dis, armond, and tommy for not spilling the beans when i asked them for advice on which color combo to go with. will have more pics later.
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