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This is a great site! Glad I came across it!
From your posts it seems like a couple of you guys have done some amazing things with the old 3.8s. Its great to see some power coming out of the 'big block' V6. Keep it up!

But I'm having a few problems with my old 89 and wonder if anyone else has come across these.

First, when I have my fan on and air blowing through the dash vents when I hit the gas hard the air starts blowing through the window vents instead. Lay off the gas and it goes through the front dash again. I checked for vacuum leaks, unplugged lines etc... found nothing.

The other, only on cold mornings when I start the car up, I hear an air hissing sound from under the drivers dash, when I press the brake pedal hard it goes away. This continues until the car warms up.

These are both weird problems but any suggestions would be appreciated.

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