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k guys i have a 95 cougar with the stock alarm system that doesnt allow u to turn on the car after a min of being disarmed and i dont have the key so i wanted to know how i could bypass the alar. and also should the ircm make noise when the key is on the lights windows electricity section but not all the way to start the engine, if not what does it making this buzzing noise mean???

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Lets first go through the basics:

System Arming
The system will be armed when the following input sequence is followed:

1. Turn ignition switch OFF.
2. Open a door. Anti-theft indicator flashes.
3. Lock the doors with door lock switch or, upon exiting the vehicle, press lock button on keyless entry remote transmitter (anti-theft indicator on).
4. Close all doors.
5. Wait approximately 30 seconds for anti-theft indicator to go out, indicating system is armed.

Disarming an Untriggered System

1. Unlock either door with the key or, upon exiting the vehicle, press unlock button on keyless entry remote transmitter.
2. If remaining in the vehicle, turn ignition switch to RUN or ACC.

System Triggering
The alarm system will trigger if any of the following actions occur after the system has been armed:

  • opening any door without first unlocking with key or unlock button of keyless entry remote transmitter.
  • removing the luggage compartment lock cylinder.
  • removing the ignition switch lock cylinder from the steering column tube. (This will trigger the alarm system whether the system is armed or not.)
Disarming a Triggered System

NOTE: Any of the following procedures will disarm a triggered system:

  • Unlock either door with the key.
  • Unlock driver door by pressing the UNLOCK button of the keyless entry remote transmitter.
Within two to three minutes after the system has been triggered, the horns and exterior lamps will shut off automatically. The system will then reset to an armed state and will trigger again if another intrusion occurs. The starter circuit will remain disabled until the system is disarmed.

I think the buzzing could be an error. Try this:
Extracting and Clearing Trouble Codes

a. Turn ignition switch to RUN. If the THEFT indicator lamp comes on solid for 10 seconds , service the ignition lock anti-theft switch and/or Circuit 936 (DG/W).
b. Activate power door unlock button 5 times within ten seconds to enter output test mode.
c. Count the number of flashes of the anti-theft warning indicator lamp (repeats every 10 seconds ).
d. Diagnostic mode will automatically cancel after two minutes or by turning ignition switch OFF.

The following test can quickly identify a shorted to ground condition for the door lock cylinder switches, luggage compartment door lock cylinder switch, ignition lock anti-theft switch or the associated circuits.

  • If inspection reveals obvious concern(s) that can be readily identified, service as required.
  • If the concern(s) remains after the inspection, determine the symptom(s) and proceed to Symptom Chart. See below...
Number of flashes Action
1 Door lock and luggage switches are normal
2 Door lock switch input shorted. Repair as required.
3 Luggage switch input shorted. Repair as required.
4 Both inputs shorted. Repair as required…
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