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Went to my local Ford Dealership to check/adjust my alignment after buying new wheels/tires.

After getting home I noticed they had aligned it as a Stratus Sedan so I checked my paperwork from 5 years ago when the tire shop aligned it with the Stratus Coupe specs, none of the specified ranges match.

I don't trust Ford when they tell me they are the same between coupe and sedan since they are not the same car and don't share any of the same parts.

The sedan is a a Chrysler product while the coupe is actually a rebadged Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Hoping someone can look up the alignment specs for a 2001 Dodge Stratus Sedan, 2001 Dodge Stratus Coupe, as well as a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse. They didn't seem real confident when they called me back so I have my doubts.



So I finally found Eclipse alignment specs which match Stratus Coupe specs from my previous wheel alignment 5 years ago. Will go back tomorrow and see what they'll do for me but I'm very doubtful they'll do anything.

Hopefully my hours of skimming the internet will help someone. :)

My cars are irritating the hell out of me. People don't want to believe that T-Birds/Cougars/Mark VIII are basically the same and they don't want to believe that Stratus Coupe & Sedans are completely different cars.
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